National e-Repositories

The repository can capture, store, index, preserve and redistribute the research output of Sri Lanka. It can capture any research publication such as journal manuscript/article, research/ technical report, dissertation/ thesis, monographs, posters, Power Point Presentations and proceedings offered in local and international conferences.

Why should you deposit your work here?

Because your publications will be preserved, self archived and given greater visibility for the benefit of the scholarly community.

What type of the content can be uploaded?

All digital content can be uploaded including text, pdf, ppt images (gif, jpeg,png), video/mpeg.

What languages does the repository support?

Any language. Files in any language could be deposited we will be happy to receive your comments and suggestions for the improvement of this open archive.




  • Increased visibility of your research:
  • The repository brings people to your content and to your website.

  • World – wide accessibility:
  • Wider sharing of research material gives more exposure to your work. Your content in the repository is discoverable from a variety of locations via the Open Archives Initiative. (OAI)

  • Sophisticated searching:
  • Make material easy for scholars to find by author, date keyword; etc. Google and other internet search engines will index your works.

  • Quick online Access to full Text of Documents:
  • You can decide on the level of access to your document: free, restricted access or on payment.

  • Email notification:
  • Alerts people about new papers. Readers can easily subscribe and unsubscribe to notification lists.

  • Persistent access:
  • Commitment of the NSF to maintain a Persistent URL to the repository ensures Persistent access to the content to your publications.

  • Long Term preservation of publications:
  • The NSF is committed to long term maintenance of the repository and preservation of its contents.

  • Quick and Efficient Dissemination:
  • Dspace Digital Library Software makes publication and dissemination quick and efficient.

  • Usage reports:
  • Show traffic for papers, series and site over ant increment of time.

  • Ability to upload associated content from the desk top:
  • Of the researcher – you can post pictures, publications, spreadsheets, Power Point presentations or any other content to the National Repository from your home.