Decisions and Acts

Mandate: to initiate, facilitate and support basic and applied scientific research by universities, science and technology institutions and scientists. Enriching Welfare of the People by Supporting Basic & Applied Research and Scientific Conferences

Competitive Research Grants Scheme

NSF Competitive Research Grants Scheme provides assistance to supplement the financial, physical and manpower resources available in S & T Institutions in Sri Lanka for scientific research. It facilitates to harness independent, individual and intellectual capacity of scientists and encourages them to carry out research of high standard directed towards socio-economic development of the country. Competitive Research Grants are awarded in all fields of science and technology. One hundred and four (104) applications received in 2015 in response to the advertisement calling for applications for 2016, were processed and 24 new Research Grants were awarded in the year 2016. Details of grants awarded in 2016 are given in Annex 1. In response, a directive issued by the Board of Management, research grant applications for the second half of 2016 were entertained throughout the remaining period of the year. A total of 25 new applications were considered for the 2nd round and processed according to the NSF approved procedure.
Eleven (11) of them were approved and will be awarded in early 2017. An awareness seminar for the new grants recipients was held on 31st of August, giving an opportunity for them to get familiar with the services provided by NSF. Thirty-seven (37) scientists attended this seminar.
An Effective Research Proposal Writing Workshop to create awareness on submitting research proposals of high standard to the NSF Competitive Research Grants scheme was held on 7th of October at the NSF with the participation of 104 prospective applicants. Three presentations were made by eminent scientists on various aspects of formulation of research proposals, followed by an active discussion.

Annual Report 2017