National Science Library and Resources Center

NSF maintains data bases under three sub categories to provide efficient data to general public who requires scientific data and administrative data. Three categories are namely NSF publications, Sri Lanka scientific literature and international data bases. Under each and every sub categories divided into certain categories to enhance efficiencies and reduce the complexity of the viewers. As the National Focal Point for the dissemination of Science & Technology (S&T) Information in the country, the National Science Library and Resource Center (NSLRC) of the NSF provides an efficient information dissemination service to the scientific community using information communication technologies through strengthening of linkages and networks, by carrying out necessary programmes to foster the interchange of scientific information among scientists in Sri Lanka and foreign countries, by serving as the National repository of Science & Technology Literature and by facilitating an efficient Science and Technology information services through training of library professionals and provision of technical assistance.


The efficiency of the information service is enhanced through a network (Sri Lanka Science & Technology Information Network) operated among more than hundred (130) S&T libraries in the country.

All the data can retrieve through à Information Services

NSF handles few critical scientific application and those are Java and Linux base applications.

  • Teel
  • DL – Dspace
  • Vinasis – JSIS
  • DBS – Sql DB for attendance
  • Agra

In addition to that, NSF provides few services to national science audience. Those services categorize under five sub categories.


Sri Lanka Scientific & Technical Information Centre (SLSTIC) of the National Science Foundation was identified as the national focal point of Information networks on Science and Technology.


As the coordinating body for networks in Sri Lanka SLSTIC established the Sri Lanka Scientific & Technical Information Network (SLISTINET) as the umbrella network.

National e-Repository

A complete collection of NSF Publications reports/theses

National e-Repository

and research communications of NSF funded research projects is maintained.

Sri Lanka Journals Online

Sri Lanka Journals Online (SLJOL) provides access to Sri Lankan published research

Sri Lanka Journals Online

and increases worldwide knowledge of indigenous scholarship.

Literature Search

The National Science Library and Resource Centre is mandated to maintain a comprehensive unique collection

Literature Search

of locally generated scholarly literature covering both published & unpublished.

National Digitization Project

The project will thereby support and promote productive research

National Digitization Project

and innovation leading to Social and Economic Development in Sri Lanka.