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About Us

nsf 003The National Science Foundation (NSF) is a state funded institution under the Ministry of Technology & Research. The NSF established in 1998 by the Science and Technology Act No.11 of 1994, Is the successor to the Natural Resources, Energy and Science Authority of Sri Lanka (NARESA). NARESA itself succeeded the National Science Council (NSC) established in 1968.

"Research is the foundation of knowledge"

The motto of the NSF and its predecessors, NARESA and the NSC is also the main function of the NSF. The NSF is committed to generate knowledge, dissemination and transfer of knowledge and, more importantly, to ensure the effective utilization of knowledge, for the greater benefit of the people of Sri Lanka. The foundation supports, and embraces, research in all fields of fundamental and applied sciences as well as in the social sciences.



The NSF objectives and functions

- To initiate, facilitate and support basic and applied scientific research by universities, science and technology institutions and scientists, with a view to:
     - Strengthening scientific research potential, including research in the social science, scientific education programmes,
     - Developing the natural resources of Sri Lanka.
     - Promoting the welfare of the people of Sri Lanka and nsf 017 1
     - Training research personal in science and technology

- To foster the interchange of scientific information among scientists in Sri Lanka and abroad.nsf 017-1
- To awards scholarships and fellowships for scientific study or scientific work at recognized science and technology institution
- To maintain a current register of scientific and technical personal, and in other ways to provide a central clearing house for the collection, interpretation and analysis of data, on the availability of, and the current and projected need for, scientific and technical resources in Sri Lanka, and to provide a source of information for policy formulation on science, technology and other fields;
- To popularize science amongst the people by funding programmes for the purpose.

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